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While previously grown almost exclusively by South Africa and France, Chenin is now cultivated in 23 countries and has become the world's 26th most planted varietal, covering somewhere between 33,000 hectares and 36,000 hectares.


During the three-day event, interact with members of the South African and French wine industries but also an international audience encompassing the total Chenin Blanc fraternity from countries such as Australia, California, India, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand and Israel.


The 2nd International Chenin Congress provides a forum to expand knowledge and stimulate further research into the grape and explores Chenin Blanc's varied history, terroir, viticultural and vinicultural protocols and techniques, and its role in wine tourism. The climatic adaptability of Chenin Blanc is staggering, and the diverse Chenin Blanc regions will enjoy exposure, physically and virtually to showcase the unique magnificence of all regions, vineyards and wine and food culture.


Unique and new research presentations include a genomic study of representative clones from both South Africa and France to understand the somatic mutations that occurred over time, in order to provide a scientific basis for intra-varietal diversity.

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